The Weekend is Here! Time for a Moving Packing Party

by ShaiUncategorized

There was a time when all you needed was a few boxes, some garbage bags and a car and you would be completely moved out. As you get older the number of boxes you need grows and does the amount of items you have. You now have gone from a few car loads to a full size moving truck. In addition to needing a truck you will probably need movers as well. A friends willingness to help move also changes We accumulate larger, heavier more substantial pieces that you want professionals to handle. But friends can still come in handy to help pack all of your other “stuff”. So throw a packing party!

Be honest and let everyone know what you expect from them. Don’t take it personally if someone declines.

Make it fun. Have drinks and food available. Play some music or have the game on as everyone is working.

Set a group goal or make it a competition between individuals and rooms that are being packed up.

Be prepared. Have plenty of tape, newspaper and packing material available for your party guests/helpers.

Use the help to organize and stack boxes and bring furniture into one room – so when the movers show up they can be in and out.

When it’s all over and you are finally moved in and unpacked at your new place have everyone that helped over for a fun night of not packing and just hanging out.



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