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Kohzie Stove Counter Gap Cover

Silicone BLACK MATTE (Set of 2) Stove Gap, Gap cap for stoves – Seals the Gaps Between Appliances and Furniture

Item Description:

STOP FEEDING RODENTS AND INSECTS AT YOUR KITCHEN – AVOID DIRT IN HARD-TO-REACH AREAS WITH THIS STOVE COUNTER GAP COVER! Are you tired of dropping pieces of food in the gap between the countertop and stove? Do you want to say goodbye to insects and dirt in these hard-to-reach spaces? The Kohzie Stove Counter Gap Cover is here to assist you! Eliminate the annoying “Stove Gap” in your kitchen. Used also as stove counter gap covers, counter gap, range extender, stove gap filler, stove gap black • This stove and counter gap cover is made of 100% food-grade silicone, resists temperatures between -40F to 446F (-40C to 230C). Doesn’t warp or melt! • Whether it’s about even or uneven surfaces, our gap cap for stove will adhere to any surface, staying flat and providing great coverage to finally stop food or dirty reaching in that annoying gap! • Easy to clean: say goodbye to fancy cleaning agents! You’ll need just a damp cloth to clean the Kohzie Stove Counter Gap Cover, so you won’t be required to make a huge effort! • The cover is dishwasher-safe, you can always throw it in your dishwasher and have it cleaned without any effort at all! • Our stove counter gap cover will nicely fit in any kitchen, giving it a sense of functionality that competing products simply can’t achieve. • Use it to cover any gaps in your kitchen! Place it atop the space between your counter top and dishwasher/stove/or any other appliance to prevent dirtying hard-to-reach areas. Make your kitchen a cleaner and functional place with the Kohzie Stove Counter Gap Cover! CLICK HERE to BUY!!



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