Popular Bathtub Styles

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When it comes to remodeling a bathroom, the tub can make or break the design. The right tub can take your daily soak from a mundane chore to spa-like experience. Go beyond the typical budget shower/tub combo and consider a more unique option. Here are ten popular tub styles to know.

Minimal Alcove Tub

Alcove tubs are your typical apartment bathtubs. They are surrounded by walls on three sides and have only one finished side. Taps are embedded in the walls, and they also serve as showers.

Clawfoot Tub

Clawfoot tubs are cute, retro, and oh so trendy right now. Clawfoot tubs are a type of freestanding tubs, but they sit on little feet, rather than on their bottom. You can have a lot of fun playing with different types of feet.

Angled Freestanding Tub

An angled freestanding tub has a side that’s higher than the other, to provide support for your back, neck and head as you relax in a hot bubble bath.  Angled tubs are generally flexible in terms of style. You can pair it with traditional accessories, as above, for a classic comforting look, or put it in a modern space for a sleek take on the traditional freestanding tub.


Oval Freestanding Tub

This is the perfect accent to modern, geometric shape-focused contemporary This makes for an elegant balance of shapes and angles in this modern space.

Drop-in Tub

A drop-in tub can be similar to an alcove tub, except that it is surrounded by tile or another material on at least three sides. It means no tub-like appearance on any of the sides. Drop-in tubs require a bit more financial investment and work at installation, but their installation is quite versatile and they require little maintenance.

Corner Tub

Corner tubs can come in alcove or drop-in construction (although drop-in is more common) and can be used when you want to save space, or when you have plenty of it. Corner tubs can be quite large (sometimes almost hot tub-sized). The best thing about corner tubs is the extra ledge space all around, where you can add beautiful decorative accessories. No need to hide this one behind shower curtains!

Japanese-Style Soaking Tub

The Japanese approach bathing from a totally different direction: they prefer to sit with water up to their chin, rather than lie down. This is a very space-efficient way to enjoy a good soak; and we know that the Japanese are very fond of space-efficient things.

Pedestal Freestanding Tub

The pedestal tub is another style of freestanding tub, which features a small “pedestal” on which the tub sits. This gives the tub some extra height, as well as a retro look.

Wooden Barrel Tub

Before the advent of the ceramic or stone tub, people took baths in wooden barrels. Usually made of treated cedar, modern barrel tubs are favourites of rustic and farmhouse decors. And they are definitely making a comeback.

Rectangular Freestanding Tub

Sometimes the rounded freestanding tub just won’t work with your style. That’s when you can dare a rectangular freestanding tub. Its clear, angular, sharp lines fit with the most contemporary styles.


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