Home Improvements That Pay Off Later

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Open up spaces in your home 

  • Homebuyers like open spaces for entertaining and living. Often you can take a wall down between a kitchen and living room or dining room and open up some rooms to make the space look larger. Buyers in the future will appreciate the updated floor plan and will be more motivated to look at your home over more dated, chopped up floor plans.
Convert an attic to a master suite
  • Some homes have an unfinished attic space, for example the common 1.5 story homes in Minneapolis and St. Paul. This is a great area to finish off into a master suite. Adding a master bedroom with an en suite bath is a great equity builder to a home if there is not already a master suite. This unfinished attic area is great place to do this.
Remove popcorn ceilings & paint
  • One of the best and most affordable updates you can perform to your home is new paint. Keep the color scheme neutral and make sure you keep up on touch-ups to the base boards and trim. Another great update to perform is removing that dated popcorn finish on your ceilings.
  • Outdoor spaces and entertaining is a big trend, more homeowners are looking at their back yards and patios as an extended living area from their house. Plant trees and shrubs that will mature over time. Fire pits and patios are a great way to add out door living space.


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