Gnats and Houseplants

by ShaiUncategorized

Within the last couple of weeks I noticed gnats flying around and flying right into my face. The issue was that these were not in the kitchen where you would normally think they would be- perhaps by fruit or vegetables on the counter. They were in the living room flying around the seating area. So after some investigating I found my 2 new houseplants filled with them. Actually the houseplants’ dirt was covered with them. What are they: FUNGUS GNATS

Fungus Gnats thrive in moist soil. So after potting my new plants with bagged potting soil the plant soil became infested. The houseplants are currently outdoor plants. But for those who want to rid their plants of the fungus gnats without re-potting with new soil here are some links that can help:

Using Vinegar

Insect Killers

Natural Remedies


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