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Maximize closet space

Go through your clothes and donate anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Put items that need repair or dry cleaning in a bag to drop off at your tailor or dry cleaner the next time you are out. Start packing any clothes that are not in season.

Remove bedroom furniture you don’t use

If you have a couch or chair in your bedroom, do you actually sit in it, or has it become a dumping station for clothes? If it’s just making it easy to leave your clothes in a pile instead of putting them away, recycle or donate it. End tables or nightstands you don’t really use are another piece of furniture that probably need a new home.

Limit reading material

Restricting yourself to one piece of reading material on your nightstand will curb any book and magazine clutter in your bedroom. Keep the rest on shelves in your bedroom or in a different room altogether. E-readers are another good option, especially if you don’t want to limit your reading selection at bedtime.

Set up zones in kids’ bedrooms

De-clutter a child’s room by setting up zones or areas for reading, play, sleep and storage. This helps kids learn to put things back where they belong, and can help you keep belongings to a minimum.


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