10 Long Distance Moving Tips

by ShaiMoving ToolPacking Tips

  1. Start early:

Everything always takes longer than expected

  1. Pare down before the move:

The price of a long distance move is determined by cubic foot. Don’t pay to move stuff you are instantly going to get rid of at your new place

  1. Use a moving company, not a broker:

Having a middleman between you and the actual moving company is just a bad idea.  It can lead to miscommunication, finger-pointing, and lack of control, not to mention higher cost (the broker has to make some money too).  So, try to find actual moving companies who have their own moving people and trucks, not someone who will just contract the job out.

  1. Check the Better Business Bureau website
  2. Check online reviews:

If you simply Google the name of the moving company, you will find tons of reviews online.

  1. Clearly mark your boxes with the destination room:

You can make your life and your movers’ lives easier if you clearly mark your boxes with the room they need to go to (i.e., kitchen, bedroom, living room, etc.)

  1. Save on car shipping:

Find out where the shipping company’s depot is at and drop your car off instead of having them pick it up.

  1. Allow margin in your schedule:

Allow for extra time in your schedule for the unforeseen

  1. Confirm everything with a phone call:

To help prevent any no-shows, call a few days before your move to confirm your movers and your car shipper.

  1. Treat your movers well:

Buy a case of bottled water for your movers.  They will be grateful.  Be courteous to them. A little courtesy can go a long way.  If they do a good job, give them a good tip and leave some good reviews for the company online, so the rest of us can benefit.


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